Effective communication not only plays and important role in an organisation but also plays a vital role in our personal life. Every individual should be on the same platform and the clarity of ideas, messages are mandatory for smooth flow of work. E-mails are a better option for effective communication.
The sender must have clarity of thoughts, must express his/her ideas in the best possible way and also cross check with the receiver. Effective communication also reduces the conflicts and results in a better understanding among individuals. Thus, speaking only is not important, you need to make sure that your information is passed on and received correctly.

CHS Vishva is a Dynamic Vishva product, which aims at managing all sort of housing society work online. It is an android based mobile application and software. It is now possible to manage each and everything related to yoursociety, whether it be meetings, organizing events, complaints, maintenance or any other thing.

Community living, just like other aspects of human life, is bound to have some or other issues or inconveniences. But some petty issues can become a grudging situation when there is no outlet and solution. Therefore, allow your members to voice their issues, inconveniences, concerns freely and conveniently. Take help of efficient society management software that will allow an easy platform for the members to log their issues and get answer to it conveniently for both parties. It is not for nothing that human beings are called social animals. We love to live in each other’s company and life becomes more peaceful when you know that you are living with like-minded and amicable people. Allow your members to know and explore each other. It is understandable that in today’s busy world, visiting each other physically may not be possible. But that doesn’t mean people should stop socialising. Create a virtual social community with the members and residents where people can share each other’s life and glimpses and joy and problems as well without even showing it to the outer world. Nothing can be more peaceful than to know that the community where a member is living or holding a property is in good hands when comes to the maintenance and takes good care of the well-being of the society such that they need not worry time to time. Ensure that your members have that faith in you. Be more than efficient when it comes to addressing member issues, communicating about developments in the society and communicate and ensure that the maintenance collection is used in apt and proper way.

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