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1. Who is a Member of Society?

Member is a person who has joined in the application for registration of their cooperative residential society as promoter becomes general Member. Afterwards those who apply for Membership as per bye law becomes mamber.in cas in Joint Name, First Member is General member and rest all becomes Associated Member.

2. When to conduct AGM ?

Annual general Meeting is to be conducted within SIX Months from the end of Accounting Year. The last date of AGM is 30th September every Year.

3. What is allotment and Issue of Share Certificates?

At the time of Formation of Society builder issues allotment of share to member issues Share Certificates. In case if the builder does not form Society then the member together formsSociety under Non-Co-operation of builder, in this case Membership society has to issue a Share Certificate to the Members and record it in the Minutes.

4. What includes in Statutory records?

Membership Committee's responsibility is to keep statutory records and do the management as per by law of the Society

“I” Form Register | “J” form Register | Share Register | Nominee Register. Above records are necessary as per by law to identify member nominees. These records are the documentary proof before CoOperative Legal Judicature and CoOperative Courts/ Tribunals.

5. What is a CASH BOOK?

In CoOperative Society Accounts Management Book, Bank and Cash book is called Cash Book. Bank transactions and Cash Transactions are written in one book in different columns.

6. What is NOC?

NOC is Non Occupational Charges and is charged to a Member who is not staying but keeps his tenant in the Flat.

7. Can we make the Monthly Collection Register computerised?

Yes as per by aws for better transparency and record keeping purpose Monthly Collection Register can be computerised.

8. What is the ideal procedure of Payment? Does society need to affix Revenue Stamp on receipt or payment entries?

Cash Receipt and Cash payment entries are to be incorporated in the Cash Book. For Making Payment first Voucher is to be prepared, get a voucher authorized by President, Secretary etc. Received sign to be taken on voucher. When payment is more than 5000/-, revenue stamp is to be affixed.

9. What are the type Members?

Society members are of different types General Member, Associated Member, Nominee Member

10. How membership comes to an end?

Membership of member comes to an end in following circumstances

  • By resignation or sales of Flats
  • Transfer of share by release of Rights/Gift
  • Death of Member
  • Expulsion of membership

11. What is the voting power of members?

Each member having one voting right , can be used in a General Body meeting. Members together can raise a vote of No Confidence on Member Committee members.

12. What are the Rights of the members?

  • Members can complain for services, address the Secretary.
  • Members have the Right to receive receipts when Society Bills are paid.
  • Members having the right to receive NOC for sale of flat as per Bye Law.
  • Members have the right to change nominee or to record nominee as per his Will.
  • Members have the right to use premises as per object of the society.
  • Member can defend